Do you love SitSpots as much as I do???? They are so much fun! I have used SitSpots in my classroom now for 2 years. Last school year I wanted to incorporate more color in my classroom and new that buying a classroom carpet was not in my budget! I knew that SitSpots was way more affordable and way more cute in my opinion. SitSpots are velcro shapes that stick to your classroom carpet! They come in a varitey of adorable shapes and colors. I prefer the "bright" ones. They match my classroom perfectly!! Here is my classroom "carpet" area with circle SitSpots. Each summer I just peel them up and throw them in the washer to clean them up! They look brand new each time I wash them. If you would like a sample just click here and they will send you one!!
Recently I was at the Southern California Kindergarten Conference.
(I got to present and attend the conference!) I attended Joyce's (the founder of SitSpots) session all about SitSpots! She showed so many ways to used them! Of course as a carpet area but also she showed so many different games! I was excited to get more and make a fun game for my room! I decided on a subtraction game with the adorable feet! (I used sharpie paint marker to write on them.) 
Here are some 3 super quick videos (from my Instagram) about the game. I hope you love it! Click here to get some SitSpots for your classsroom! I promise that you will love them too!!!

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