Flexible Seating Storage

Ok, so I get this question all the time. I have to say when I was first starting flexible seating I was also worried about where I would store all the crap, stuff that we need in our classroom to function!!!! Since I only have tables in my room I knew I needed to be creative.
When I moved from Kindergarten to First Grade, I was so bummed to not have built in cubbies in my classroom. I had gotten so used to having a spot for kids to put their papers throughout the day. A friend asked me if I wanted these drawers, and I of course said yes!!! (I recently got these new brighter ones at Michael's.)  Now everyone has a cubby to put papers in during the day. 
With no chairs, came the thought about the dreaded backpacks. Can I just say I hate, don’t like backpacks? Why does a 6-year-old need a backpack that is half their size? I saw so many teachers with coat rooms, or lockers!!!! Well, that will never happen in California, so when I saw this backpack cart, I knew I had to have it! It’s wonderful, and I no longer despise backpacks (at least not as much). It has 28 hooks and a shelf at the bottom.    
Each of my students have their own book box. Inside they keep books from our curriculum, an AR book (the reading level system we use), and some “just for fun” books from our library. I do not use glue sticks and haven’t for years now. I use glue sponges!! They are the best thing ever. Here is a tutorial so you can make some too! I have this wonderful shelf in my classroom that I inherited since no one wanted it!!!! On the back side we store our math journals in it.
Since we are a 1:1 school (every student has a device), every student needs headphones. I cut apart a shoe organizer and stapled it to the wall, with about 1,000,000 staples. It does fall down from time to time, but I just attack it again with the stapler. We do community supplies so I have 4 table tubs that have pencils, scissors, and crayons. Students just grab what they need and put it back in the matching tub when we clean up. I keep clipboards in this cool clipboard holder! Students use clipboards when working on the floor or sitting on a stool that is not at a table. 

I do have a couple nice tall cabinets that I store workbooks, etc, in. I am lucky to have parent helpers tear pages out each week for my students to use. This way my students do not need to store these workbooks themselves. 

I think that just about covers all the ways I store supplies in my classroom! Don't forget to sign up to follow me by email so you don't miss out!!! 


  1. Love your blog. Started following you on Instagram. I'm starting the flexible seating journey next year when I go back from mat leave! :)

    Does your headphone holder have holes? Have you ever tried command hooks? They are pretty strong and work on most types of walls! :)

    Can't wait to hear more about your classroom!

    First Grade Garden

    1. Hi Amanda!!!
      One of my headphone holders has holes, but I have not tried command hooks. I think I will give that a try!!! I can't wait for you to start flexible seating in your classroom!!!

  2. Do you have text books? I teach 3rd grade and we have text books. I don't know where to store them so they are handy.

    1. Hi!! I do have textbooks. For reading I have 6 textbooks per student. They keep the current one in their book box and the rest I keep in cabinets. My student math books are books that I tear the pages out, so I also keep those in a cabinet. Took me a bit to find a place for everything, but when I did it was great!


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