Flexible Seating

Are you ready to start flexible seating in your classroom? I promise you that you will love it! With a little creativity, hard work, and training, you can have flexible seating up and running in your classroom! 

Here is how to get started.
1. Decide what you want your room to look like:
Desks?  Tables?  No tables or desks?
What kind of seats do you want to have?
Do you need a group space for whole group teaching? 
I strongly recommend a whole group area for direct instruction. I suggest having assigned seats here so you can place students where they can learn best when listening to you teach! Here are pictures of the different seats that I have in my classroom.
For my whole group area I use Sitspots!!! I love them! They are velcro dots (they have tons of cute shapes and colors!) that stick to my carpet! Much cheaper than traditional classroom rugs and they match my classroom perfectly.Click here to order some Sitspots for your classroom.  

2. Start collecting seats/find spots in your room
You should have at least enough alternative spots for half the class, this will help with fighting over seats. Carpet, standing table/counter, and floor table can be done for free. I found a few of my seating choices at garage sales! I found the IKEA egg chair for $5!!! My rocking chairs and massage chair I stole got from my mom’s house! I also received a lot of my seats from DonorsChoose. So be creative when trying to find seats that fit your classroom and your budget!!!
3. Introduce a couple seating choices at a time:
 Decide your rules with each seat before you let students use them. MODEL, MODEL, MODEL, for them, so they understand how to use the seat correctly. I started with floor, sitting table, and standing tables. When on the floor my students use a clipboard. You will need to rotate every student through each seating choice. This way they will learn what works best for them. By choosing for them in the beginning, you don’t have any issues with fighting. (maybe later, but not yet. J) On the first day of school my students had all been to the carpet area, floor table, and standing tables. 
On day 2 I introduced the round table, bench, and wobble stools. On day 4 I introduced couches, cushions, and rocking chairs. 
By day 6 my students had been to all seating choices and were ready to start choosing their seats on their own. (I brought in the yoga balls on day 15) It was so amazing to see this going so smooth so fast. My biggest rule is “Miss Pittman can move you at any time if the seat is not working for you”. In my classroom they can pick any seat during independent work time. They can move if they want during that time. My students use multiple seating options throughout the day.  

Be consistent! Be firm, but loving. Don’t make moving them about punishment, help them to understand why that is working at the moment and help them to find a better option is they need help with a new choice.

Next up....where I store all the stuff!!! Make sure you are following me so you don't miss out!!!

Looking to get started with flexible seating?Check these out!

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