Flexible Seating Classroom Tour

Here is my classroom! I am a full flexible seating classroom. I have been doing flexible seating for a year and a half now. It's one of the best things I have ever done! I will never go back!!! This set up just feels right to me. Giving students choice in the classroom about where they sit is so empowering to them. I have seen improvement in working stamina, test scores, kids being able to get the wiggles out while working, and all around happier kids! I want my students to be comfortable when they work. When I am working at home I don't sit in a hard uncomfortable chair (my favorite place is my Tempur-pedic bed!!) and I don't want that for my students either. I do have traditional chairs as well for those who want to sit in a traditional seat. (But no one ever does, unless its small group time with me)
I started in January of 2016, which was nice because my students were already trained, so adding something so different went pretty smooth. This is also how I started the year off this year on the first day of school. I will be doing a "how to implement flexible seating" blog series very soon!! 
In my classroom my students can choose to sit wherever they want during independent work time. They can choose different spots throughout the day. I only have assigned seats on the "carpet area" Each student has an assigned sitspot that they sit on during direct instruction time. Do you use sitspots?? If not, you should!!! I have put 2 videos here so you can get a real feel of my classroom. If you have any questions leave a comment below! Hope you enjoy seeing my classroom. It's my home away from home! Wanting to start flexible seating in your classroom?? I have a great freebie to help you get started!!! I have also linked a couple videos of my classroom below. 

 Click on the words below for the videos to open!!!!!


  1. Hi Beth, Your classroom is amazing! Ia m currently writing a flexible seating grant for my kindergarten classroom and seeing your videos was so helpful. Thank you!

  2. Hi Beth! Love your blog and looking into flexible seating for my 3rd graders next year...how do the next year's teachers feel about it? Do the kids get upset when put back into a "regular" classroom? I know we can only do what's best for our current kiddos and not control what happens after they leave us...I just don't want to set them up to be "failures" in the next year's class. :-/

    1. Hi Nicole! I haven't had issues with other teachers when they get students from my class. The kids seem to adjust just fine to "regular" seating.

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